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​Daily​ habits that ​lead to a healthier and stronger back

7 Ways Lifestyle Foundations can Help You

  • ​Receive 9 lessons of back care secrets
  • Sleep more soundly
  • ​​Optimize how you move, sit and stand
  • ​Smart lifting and carrying techniques
  • ​Stress less tools
  • Follow along at your own pace
  • Lifetime access

Program Description

​Our well-being is a result of our daily habits. If you experience back discomfort in your day to day activities, then this Lifestyle program is for you.

​Discover daily lifestyle tips to help cultivate a healthier back at home or at work from getting in and out of the car the right way to finding a comfortable position in bed. Learn valuable tricks to sit, stand and bend over more safely. Explore healthy ways to decrease back pain and inflammation, get a better night’s sleep along with other techniques to assist in back recovery.

Looking for a more comprehensive solution to back pain and back conditioning? Have a look at the Mend My Back Essentials Program for our top 10 time eff​icient approach to active back recovery​. If you are looking for a progressive step by step active recovery program, the Mend My Back Conditioning Program may be the solution you are looking for.

For more information and a comparison of our different programs and their features have a look at the Mend My Back Programs comparison table

5 Reasons to count on Lifestyle Foundations for your Back Health 

Safe & easy

Mend My Back is not Bootcamp or Heavy weight lifting. Don't get us wrong we're not against any of those activities. We're passionate about focusing on the little moves that give big gains. Like the 80/20 rule. They're the low hanging fruit.

If you develop a strong core and good movement habits it will help you navigate 80% of life's demanding situations that require you to bend over, sit, walk and run, push, pull and lift.

The movements we repeat many times per day, 365 days per year, for 20 years can prematurely hurt your joints and back when done incorrectly. Learn to train right in the first place to move on to greater things! 

Save time and money

Most of us have better things to do than to spend tons of time in health care facilities. By taking good care of our body, we limit the amount of time and money spent visiting these facilities thereby freeing up our resources to pursue other projects and dreams.

The most comprehensive Mend My Back Program, (Conditioning program), costs less than 3 visits with most of your health care professionals.  

​Easy to follow & available 24/7

Sequential videos are available at your convenience online everyday, and at any hour of the day when you need it. All Mend My Back Programs are delivered online allowing you to access them from home, work, or while traveling.

​Revisit the sessions at your convenience

Mend My Back Program videos are stored online. You can go back to review a video anytime.

We encourage users to review the exercises and revisit the member's section as often as possible.

It helps develop the healthy habit of being physically active and grooves the correct movement patterns in your body as you watch and practice.

Everyday moves that​ ​impact your back

Your back health, with the exception of genetic conditions or accidents, is the often product of how we move and behave daily:

  • how we lift objects;
  • how we sit and how we get back up;
  • how we walk;
  • how we stand;
  • how we get in and out of a car;
  • how we eat;
  • and how we learn to relax and manage our stress.

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