The Mend My Back Essentials Program

​A comprehensive back care exercise program home, office or travel

8 Ways Back Essentials Can Help You

  • ​​Discover 7 common causes of back pain​
  • ​Build better posture
  • ​Top 10 safe and effective back care exercises
  • Review basic spinal anatomy
  • ​Techniques to release tension
  • ​Back tips for better days
  • ​Stress less tools
  • Lifetime access

Program Description

​Our Essentials program is an overview and abbreviated version of our full conditioning program. You will find information on basic spinal anatomy, a summary of why we have back pain, along with a balance of our top 10 exercises targeting a more supple, stronger back. We will reveal three soothing foundational postures to ​try when dealing with intense discomfort. Learn how to move, stand and breathe better leading to a healthier, ​stronger back.

Targeted to anyone who has experienced back discomfort​ and those who wish to prevent back pain.

​If you are looking for a more progressive​, step-by-step ​approach to back recovery and resilience, have a look at the Mend My Back Conditioning Program.

For more information and a comparison of our different programs and their features have a look at the Mend My Back Programs comparison table

5 Reasons to count on ​the Essentials program for your Back Health 

More than 60 minutes of clear guidance

At Mend My Back we're not about volume and skimming the important stuff. We care about the quality of content we provide you. The Essentials program content offers you empowering tools to manage your well-being.  

Safe & easy

Mend My Back is not Bootcamp or Heavy weight lifting. Don't get us wrong we're not against any of those activities. We're passionate about focusing on little moves that give big gains. Like the 80/20 rule. They're the low hanging fruit.

If you develop a strong core and good movement habits it will help you navigate 80% of life's demanding situations that require you to bend over, sit, walk and run, push, pull and lift.

The movements we repeat many times per day, 365 days per year, for 20 years are the ones that can prematurely hurt your joints and back when done incorrectly. Learn to train right in the first place to later move on to greater things! 

Save time and money

Most of us have better things to do than to spend tons of time in health care facilities. By taking good care of our body, we limit the amount of time and money spent visiting these facilities thereby freeing up our resources to pursue other projects and dreams.

The most comprehensive Mend My Back Program, (Conditioning program), costs less than 3 visits with most of your health care professionals.  

​Easy to follow & available 24/7

A sequence of videos are available at your convenience, at any hour of the day when you need it. All Mend My Back Programs are delivered online giving you access from home, work, hotel room, at relatives, and more.

​Revisit the sessions at your convenience

Mend My Back Program videos can be viewed and reviewed anytime. You are welcome to revisit lessons that you found informative and were relevant to you.

We highly encourage users to review the exercises, revisit the member's section, and repeat the movements that are suggested as often as possible. Repetition will help you integrate the movements and help improve your ability to perform them with comfort and ease so you can progress to more challenging variations as you go along.

Be physically active. It helps groove proper movement patterns in your body. Proper repetition of these safe exercises will help keep you away from your old patterns that contribute to pain.

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