​Welcome to ​Mend My Back ​Essentials

  • ​​Discover 7 common causes of back pain​
  • ​Build better posture for back care
  • ​Top 10 safe and effective back care exercises
  • Review basic spinal anatomy
  • ​Techniques to release tension
  • ​Back tips for better days
  • ​Stress less tools
  • Lifetime access

​Our Essentials program is an overview and abbreviated version of our full conditioning program. You will find information on basic spinal anatomy, a summary of why we have back pain, along with a balance of our top 10 exercises targeting a more supple, stronger back. We will reveal three soothing foundational postures to practice when dealing with intense discomfort. Learn how to move, stand and breathe better leading to a healthier, happier back.

Targeted to anyone who has experienced back discomfort or pain and those who wish to prevent back pain.

  • ​More than 60 minutes of clear guidance
  • ​Revisit the sessions at your convenience
  • ​Easy to follow & available 24/7

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