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Mend My Back offers 3 programs designed to help you develop resilience. Most of us are lacking basic conditioning resulting from inactive lifestyles, poor posture, too much sitting in office jobs or from other repetitive movements we perform at home or at work. The human body was designed to move. We propose a lifestyle program that explores the key elements of our daily lives where we can make a positive difference in our back health. Essentials and Conditioning programs are progressive exercise programs. The programs are delivered digitally through a member access on the Mend My Back website.

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Lifestyle Foundations - Mend My Back Official
  • Receive 9 lessons of back care secrets
  • Sleep more soundly
  • Optimize how you move, sit and stand.
  • Smart lifting and carrying techniques
  • Stress less tools
  • Discover 7 common causes of back pain
  • Build better posture for back care
  • Top 10 safe and effective exercises for a fit back
  • Techniques to release tension
  • Back tips for better days
  • Stress less tools
Mend My Back Essentials Program - Mend My Back Official
Mend My Back Conditioning Program
  • 45+ safe and effective exercises designed for your body
  • Four progressive modules to keep your back in shape
  • Self-evaluation and progression chart references
  • “How-to” coaching tips every step of the way
  • Bonus: mini time-efficient routine suggestions
4 Step Back Relief Program
  • Best of 3 worlds on one package
  • Integrate lifestyle and conditioning strategies for best results
  • Everything that is included in the 3 programs; videos, audios, PDFs
  • Lifetime for one purchase
  • Bonus: mini time-efficient routine suggestions


Lifestyle Foundation Program

$49 USD


Lifetime unlimited access 

Key daily habits and movements we need to pay attention to for a healthier back

Level: accessible to all*

Essentials Program

$99 USD


Lifetime unlimited access

A collection of the main exercises to focus on for a balanced, strong and resilient back

Level: accessible to people who are not in back crisis*

Conditioning Program

 $49 USD/m.


Unlimited monthly member access

A progressive approach to back health from neutral to multiaxial movements. Develop core strength for a resilient and strong back

Level: a progressive approach from people in crisis to fully mobile*

Mend My Back Programs Bundle
4 Step Back Relief Program

$249 USD


Unlimited lifetime access

For those who do not want to miss out and are serious about back care.

From Lifestyle to back mending basics, to a progressive 4 module conditioning program. hours of content; video, audio, and supporting documents.

*Please consult with your primary health care provider for a full assessment before using the Mend My Back Program. Although the program is safe in most cases, it is important that you validate your back health with a qualified professional to avoid injuries. 

Comparison Table

Mend My Back Programs Bundle has it all





Everyday movements often performed in unhealthy ways:

  • Getting in & out of car
  • Sitting at office desk
  • Standing tall, what it means

Healthy back checklist

Easy accessible back moves for everyday living

Top 10 exercises for a stable, supple back

85+ progressive videos of safe back exercises

Stress management strategies

Tension releasing meditations

Multiple easy to follow exercise routines

Member access to live events