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  • Receive 9 lessons of back care secrets
  • Sleep more soundly
  • Optimize how you move, sit and stand.
  • Smart lifting and carrying techniques
  • Stress less tools
  • Discover 7 common causes of back pain
  • Build better posture for back care
  • Top 10 safe and effective exercises for a fit back
  • Techniques to release tension
  • Back tips for better days
  • Stress less tools
Mend My Back Essentials Program - Mend My Back Official
Mend My Back Conditioning Program
  • 45+ safe and effective exercises designed for your body
  • Four progressive modules to keep your back in shape
  • Self-evaluation and progression chart references
  • “How-to” coaching tips every step of the way
  • Bonus: mini time-efficient routine suggestions

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Everyday movements often performed in unhealthy ways:

  • Getting in & out of car
  • Sitting at office desk
  • Standing tall, what it means

Healthy back checklist

Easy accessible back moves for everyday living

Top 10 exercises for a stable, supple back

85+ progressive videos of safe back exercises

Stress management strategies

Tension releasing meditations

Multiple easy to follow exercise routines

Member access to live events