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Mend My Back Essentials

3 Sections 21 Lessons Progressive

About the Program

Learn how to reduce inflammation and pain, practice positions to get out of crisis mode and exercises to stabilize the joints surrounding your back.

8 Ways Back Essentials Can Help You

  • ​​Discover 7 common causes of back pain​
  • Build better posture
  • Top 10 safe and effective back care exercises
  • Review basic spinal anatomy
  • Techniques to release tension
  • Back tips for better days
  • Stress less tools
  • Lifetime access

Program Structure

Mend My Back Essentials Program 18 Lessons


The Mend my Back Program and all related materials are intended to provide helpful and informative material about back health, general fitness conditioning, and general health addressed in the Program. It is provided with the understanding that the authors and publisher are not engaged in rendering medical, health, of any kind of professional services. The Program contains the opinions and ideas of its authors.

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Understanding Basic Anatomy of the Spine

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Paced Breathing to Release Tension

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Cat-Cow to Developing Better Mobility

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Table Pose for Core Ab Bracing

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Bird-Dog for Core and Back Stability

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The Clam for Hip and Glute Stability

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Quad Stretch for Front Thigh Flexibility

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Knees to Chest for Low Back Flexibility

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Crisis Pose to Release Tension and Relax

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About Disc Herniations and Back Tension

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Checklist Toward a Healthy Back

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The Cardiac Coherence Breathing

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Conclusion 1 Lesson

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Tools and Resources 2 Lessons

Bender Ball - The Little Ball That Does it All

A brief introduction to the Bender Ball.

We have integrated the Bender Ball as part of the Mend My Back Lifestyle Foundations and the Mend My Back Program because it is versatile, small and easy to store and carry, accessible, and has so many applications from basic to advanced conditioning.

If you would like you can purchase a Bender Ball with us.

There are workarounds if you prefer not investing toward a Bender Ball such as cushions, other pilates balls.

Coach's Eye

Coach's Eye is a convenient tool to analyze and diagnose problematic movement patterns or opportunities for improvement in body mechanics or movement.

Far from being a necessity, but may be a nice tool to add to your toolbox.

Note: We are not affiliated to Coach's Eye