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Mend My Back Conditioning Program

4 Modules 8 Sections 55 Lessons Progressive

About the Program

Welcome to the Mend My Back Conditioning Program. ​​Four modules focusing on back mobility, back stability, flexibility, and strength.

​The Mend My Back Conditioning Program ​came to life ​after Ian went through back surgery. He was diagnosed with 5 herniated discs. ​When the idea of surgery was presented to him he turned it down at first. At the time it really felt like it was the only way out. In hind sight, we'll never know, but he's not sure he would have gone through with it. Since then, hundreds of Laura's clients have gone through the MMB programs.

Ian eventually realized ​what had become a very serious back problem was the accumulation of micro bad habits over the years and decades. Imagine ​catching an unpleasant cold. You heal from it, but not fully. You carry weaknesses with you over the years making you more vulnerable to more serious chronic conditions due to immune suppression. Few people worry about prevention, most of us ​go see ​a professional when problems are present to help resolve them. Let's try to avoid the suffering before​ the problem happens!

Today, functional ​movement testing has revealed weaknesses that, in hind sight, Ian ​did not realize he had. ​Few people take the time to see someone ​who is trained with the right movement science knowledge. Kinesiologists, athletic therapists, physiotherapists, ​some osteopaths and chiropractors have the expertise​ to validate and treat ​musculoskeletal issues.

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Program Structure

Reserved for program members
2 Chapters

Back in Recovery

The Back in Recovery module is an accessible program for anyone who wants a gentle way to improve their suppleness and unleash tensions in the body, even those without a specific back issue. These exercises and movements do not require any equipment.

The program is gentle enough if you have injured your back recently and are on the road to recovery but need to be careful with the type of movements you do. We teach you how to respect the natural curves in your spine (neutral spine). Pain and discomfort hinders your life in some way for now. You are willing to commit to improve your posture, your core conditioning and flexibility around the joints that affect the spine. The movements suggested in this program will help you gain the confidence to move well again.

  • Decrease pain level
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Become more mobile and supple
  • Improve how you move, sit and stand
  • Learn how to manage stress with our crisis exercise and proper breathing
Reserved for program members
3 Chapters

Back on Track

The Back on Track module offers progressions and slightly higher levels of intensity of the exercises and movements outlined in module 1. We offer exercises using a Pilates ball (we love the Bender ball!) and a yoga strap.  This program is accessible to anyone wanting to prevent back pain and offers a well-rounded program to strengthen postural muscles of the upper, mid and lower back, abdominals and hips while still maintaining a neutral spine for safety. We also include flexibility exercises for the legs, lower back, hips and buttocks. This program is safe for those who feel their back is still vulnerable to flare ups and pain triggers. You may still have some muscular discomfort but are able to perform daily tasks with autonomy.

  • Gain confidence to move well again
  • Learn how to sit, stand and move well
  • Integrate back into your daily activities with more ease
  • Strengthening and stretching is possible
  • Breathe well to reduce pain and improve circulation
Reserved for program members
2 Chapters

Back in Motion

The Back in Motion module adds exercises that are appropriate when you become more autonomous and can move more freely without pain and you are ready to add more movement to your program. We include the element of myofascial release to decrease adherences and deep tensions. We suggest more core stability and balance along with deeper lower body stretching to improve flexibility around the lower back, legs and pelvis. At this point, your energy and well-being has improved and are able to re-integrate into habitual activities without much pain.

You will need a stability ball or a chair, a Bender ball or other Pilates ball, a yoga strap and a soft to medium foam roller. You can find this equipment in stores, you may purchase them through Mend my Back Program's website, or if you may find alternatives around your house with some creativity.

This maintenance program is great for anyone who wants a general level of stability conditioning and keeps the back in check.

  • These exercises combined with module 1 & 2 helps maintain suppleness and stability
  • Improves circulation with tissue massage techniques
  • Range of motion has improved
  • Confidence has returned
  • Outlook is more positive
Reserved for program members
1 Chapter

Back in Action - COMING SOON

The back in action module is a more fitness-based program using a stability ball for those who are pain free and mobile enough to move a bit more intensely out of neutral spine. It is a great program even for those who have never had an issue with back pain. We include more functional fitness and integrated movements that help build strength and stability to not only deep postural muscles but also to the large muscles of the legs, back, abdominals, pectorals and arms. The person practicing this program can perform daily tasks without pain or problems and your lifestyle and/or sport performance is not hindered.

  • Willing to improve posture and take core strength to the next level
  • Ready to strengthen upper and lower body to a greater degree
  • You have minimal tension around your spine
  • You enjoy full range of motion in your shoulders, hips and back
  • This program will improve overall strength, balance and energy levels using a stability ball

Individual Exercises 1 Lesson

Welcome to Back in Action

Back on Track Coming Soon!

The last of four modules. One that promises to be challenging and fun.

Back in Action will explore all key movement patterns for a healthy back.

Coming to you this February of 2020!