Bender Ball 

Product Description

The Bender ball is a piece of fitness equipment primarily used for core training.

It is at the core of the Mend My Back Essentials and Conditioning programs. Although it is not a requirement, it is highly recommended to have one to follow any of the 2 Mend my Back exercise programs.

It empowers the user to perform many of the exercises proposed in our programs with more support and added stability.

Group exercising with the Bender Ball

Available in USA and Canada only.

14.99$ USD +5$ shipping

Product Details

Brand: Bender Ball

Format: Physical product

Color: Green


Dimensions: 8-9 inches in diameter depending in inflation

Weight: approx. 1.2 pounds

Load capacity: rated up to 300 pounds

Package Contents

1 Bender ball

1 Plug

2 Straws

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