Easy Recipes to Tame Inflammation: A Vegan Journey into Anti-Inflammatory Eating 

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Product Description

23 anti-inflammatory recipes for optimal health, and well-being

The recipes included in this guide are chosen and carefully designed to help you transition your everyday diet towards foods that promote gut health through an abundance of nutrients. When we feed our bodies with natural, whole-foods, close to their natural state without being chemically altered or over-processed, our bodies have the innate ability to restore essential balance and vitality.

It’s crucial to grasp the foods we choose to eat either promote or impede our overall health and wellbeing. Even foods known to be nutrient-dense may not be suitable for us pending upon our own current gut health.

Now it must be said, changing dietary habits does require concerted efforts. I suggest you transition gradually by adding in more anti-inflammatory foods and edging out those triggering inflammation. We go into more detail on this as you read on.

This recipe cookbook is the product of a collaboration between Mend My Back and recipe designer, creator and self-care coach Teri Gentes.

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