New Book Launch: Anti-Inflammatory Recipe Book to Carry You on a Flavourful Journey 

 May 13, 2021

By  Ian

News – Mend My Back in collaboration with Teri Gentes have created an anti-inflammatory recipe book: EASY RECIPES TO TAME INFLAMMATION: A Vegan Journey into Anti-Inflammatory Eating

The 100 page PDF format resource is a fun tool to have on-hand in your kitchen. It guides you through a flavourful journey into the world of vegan breakfast, lunch, main meal, snack recipes and helpful hints.

Beyond Vegan Recipes

The book provides useful information about inflammation. From how some foods can promote inflammation while others can help keep it at bay. The book also has a Healthy Habits Everyday section packed with Daily Self Care ideas, a simple My Food Diary section, a quick Health Questionnaire, and a To-Do List to get you started.

We would like to thank the people that supported us by purchasing the book during our presale offer.

How to Get the Book

For those who are curious about this new development, you may download a free sneak peek of the book at the bottom of this page, and purchase the full PDF version here: EASY RECIPES TO TAME INFLAMMATION: A Vegan Journey into Anti-Inflammatory Eating

We want to thank Teri Gentes for this collaboration which extends beyond this book and into the audio-visual space with quick and fun ‘in the vegan kitchen’ videos that we will be releasing shortly. See our first one here below.

Be well!


Co-founder of Mend My Back Program, user-centered design thinker, and web business enthusiast.
Ian developed an interest in back care and health after he was diagnosed with five herniated discs. The journey that followed transformed every aspect of his life. It also allowed him and close ones to acknowledge the gaps that pave the way to recovery for those who suffer from back pain. He also realized that proper physical, nutritional and emotional care for a healthy back was not taught to anyone.
With the precious help of his partner and team of experts Mend My Back came to life. The goal was to offer a process that allowed him to navigate the long journey to recovery.
To learn more have a look at his Ian's back recovery story.
Back pain is not a lifestyle and should not be seen as such. We hope Mend My Back and other resources you find will help you on your journey!


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