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12 Lessons - Gentle

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Our well-being is a result of our daily habits. If you experience back discomfort in your day to day activities, then this Lifestyle program is for you.

Discover daily lifestyle tips to help cultivate a healthier back at home or at work from getting in and out of the car the right way to finding a comfortable position in bed. Learn valuable tricks to sit, stand and bend over more safely. Explore healthy ways to decrease back pain and inflammation, get a better night’s sleep along with other techniques to assist in back recovery.

22 Lessons - Progressive

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Our Essentials program is an overview and abbreviated version of our full conditioning program. You will find information on basic spinal anatomy, a summary of why we have back pain, along with a balance of our top 10 exercises targeting a more supple, stronger back. We will reveal three soothing foundational postures to try when dealing with intense discomfort. Learn how to move, stand and breathe better leading to a healthier, stronger back.

Targeted to anyone who has experienced back discomfort and those who wish to prevent back pain.

55 Lessons - Progressive

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Our Conditioning Program offers a progressive, step-by-step approach to back recovery and resilience broken down into 4 modules: Back in Recovery, Back on Track, Back in Motion, and Back in Action.

1 Lesson - None

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Uncertain about which module to start with in the Mend My Back Conditioning Program?
You are at the right place! This wizard walks you through a few questions to help you determine which module to get started with. We've got your back!

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