Crisis Pose for Back Pain Relief

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The Crisis Pose is part of our Back In Recovery Module of the Mend My Back Program.
It is a nice go to every time your back is sending signals of discomfort.

It is designed to help improve circulation and alignment for your back. The relaxing aspect of this exercise helps you move out of the sympathetic nervous system mode where you may feel tense, stressed or sore and move towards activating the para-sympathetic nervous system which helps calm you down, feel more at ease and allow the body to regenerate.

When Ian (co-founder of the Mend My Back Program) is short on time but still needs to relax his back, he will do the Crisis Pose with a book in hand to ease his mind and release back tension. This shorter version of the exercise is beneficial and relaxing, yet the longer classic version will take you a step further. Feel great from the inside out in our full program.

We've got your back!

Mend My Back Team