Mend My Back Program users share their experience with the active back recovery and strengthening exercise programs, the program instructor, and overall support resources provided.

Laura is very competent and charming. She is indispensable for providing holistic health solutions.
The Mend my Back program is a complete package and allows for autonomy to work at your own pace. The entire program allows you to gradually integrate exercises week to week that directly impact mobility and pain reduction.
A nice balance between educational theory and physical practice. Both my body and my mind remain satisfied as I continue following this program at home.



This back program gave me the tools I needed to guide my patients who are living with back pain and for my own benefit as a preventative maintenance program that I practice at home.



I like that we can pick and choose our top favourites and do them anytime and anywhere. Some of the exercises are easy to integrate into my work day when I am starting to feel stiff or achy. I work most of my day sitting so I like to do the “arm circles” and “hand at the wall” exercise to relieve my neck and shoulders.


office assistant

Laura is very pleasant, listens well to our needs and demonstrates mastery in her teaching skills.
Thank you.


Retired engineer

Most of my day is spent getting in and out of the car as a rep who works on the road. Laura offered helpful tips on how to sit and stand better and even how to get in and out of my car more easily! Her advice improved my daily postural awareness along with some great hip and leg stretches that have helped increase my flexibility and decrease my chronic discomfort.


Sales rep

Warm welcome, enthusiastic and highly competent.



  • Laura made me feel welcome.
  • She is respectful and an active listener.
  • Helpful and a wonderful guide.
  • Pleasant and always has a smile to share

    Highly competent
    Thank you!


Business consultant

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