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A progressive back care exercise program home, office or travel

6 Ways Back Conditioning can Help You

  • Over 5 hours of quality guidance and instructions
  • 45+ safe and effective exercises designed to develop a healthy back
  • Four progressive modules to keep your back in shape
  • Self-evaluation and progression chart references
  • “How-to” coaching tips every step of the way
  • Bonus: mini time-efficient routine suggestions

Program Description

Our Conditioning Program offers a progressive, step-by-step approach to back recovery and resilience broken down into 4 modules. 

4 Progressive Modules to Carry You Through Your Back Care Journey

Module 1 | Back in Recovery

Module 1 is an accessible program for anyone who wants a gentle way to improve their mobility and unleash tensions in the body, even those without a specific back issue will benefit from the step by step instructions to doing their exercises safely and correctly. These corrective exercises and movements do not require any equipment and are a great way to get started when you are experiencing pain and discomfort.

Module 2 | Back on Track

Module 2 offers gradual progressions and new movements that build on Module 1 Back in Recovery. The focus here is on developing stability to support the back. Practice safe and effective exercises using the Bender ball for support and a yoga strap for flexibility. An effective module for those who still experience flare-ups from time to time and need to be careful or for people who want a gentle daily conditioning program.


Module 3 is appropriate when your back is stable and less vulnerable to pain. Movements develop greater stability and flexibility and are appropriate when you become more autonomous and can move more freely without pain. These exercises and myo-fascial massage techniques are great when you are ready to add more movement to your program and your life. You will notice the benefits of a stronger more supple body in all your day to day activities.


Module 4 includes functional exercises that explore a greater range of motion. You will find a variety of fitness-based maintenance programs designed to keep your back and entire body strong and supple using multi-dimensional and more integrated movement to lightly challenge balance and coordination. We use a stability ball for those who are pain free and confident enough to move more intensely. Explore more complex movements to challenge your body to live vibrantly.

For more information and a comparison of our different programs and their features have a look at the Mend My Back Programs comparison table.

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