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What we do

Mend My Back provides information about back health and good posture

We offer online back pain active recovery exercises, lifestyle resources for good posture, along with the comprehensive Mend My Back programs.
Mend My Back helps people who suffer from chronic back pain and back strain to alleviate discomfort from the inside out. This method is also designed for people who feel good about their back health yet like the idea of preventative maintenance. MMB is also perfect for people who simply wish to improve their posture and develop a more resilient back. Move better. Feel better.

Right Mindset

Much of what you do and experience is part of a mind game. The mind is powerful. Thoughts and emotions also impact your back health. Align your mindset with your objectives and actions.

Strong Core

Imagine your body is a chain. Your weakest link is the one that wears down or breaks. We strive to balance the chain links to improve function, strength, and resilience from the inside out.

Proper Movement

Every minute of every day, part of you moves. Many of your habitual movements and patterns go against keeping the body fit and healthy. Learn simple ways to enjoy a richer life.

3 Mend My Back Programs to help you on your journey

Mend My Back Lifestyle Foundations

Our well-being is a result of our daily habits. If you experience back discomfort in your day-to-day activities or wish to increase your chances of moving without hindrance for years to come, then this Lifestyle program is for you.
Every day, every moment, every movement is an opportunity to make or break your body.
Mend My Back Lifestyle Foundations Program explores key daily movements and habits that can define how you will feel years down the road.

Mend My Back Essentials

The Mend My Back Essentials program explores how to reduce inflammation and pain, practice positions to get out of crisis mode and exercises to stabilize the joints surrounding your back.

This program looks at the essentials that were pulled from the larger Conditioning program.

A routine to integrate into your daily life! 

Mend My Back Conditioning

Functional movement is underrated. According to the functional movement testing we do at our studio, in retreats, and one-on-one in has revealed important weaknesses in mobility and stability in most cases.

Earlier, we mentioned Ian's story. In hind sight Ian now knows that although he was very fit and athletic, functional movement testing and/or the proper core development program would have allowed him to potentially avoid going down the surgical path.

Most fitness facilities and gyms do not talk nor teach corrective exercise and functional movement to build a solid foundation within the body before relying on machines and training only larger muscle groups and forgetting the little guys who make an impact in resiliency, injury prevention and pain management.

Even in the professional sports world, athletes discover core strength sometimes too late in their career. This is in part because our society and culture foster speed, physical aesthetics, and performance, and often overlooks how a lack of balance negatively impacts overall health and how we age. The best argument we can offer and why you should care about functional movement and strength is to unlock your true physical and energetic potential. Most people go through life never really knowing how it feels to be be vibrant and to move through a day without pain. We can help.

The Mend My Back Conditioning program is a progressive approach to developing this legendary stability and balance very few people get to enjoy. All you have to lose is your rigidity, discomfort and poor posture! Let's get you straightened out.

why we do it

We’ve been there...

One of the founders, Ian, went through an intense journey with back pain which ended in surgery. Thankfully his wife Laura, who is a movement specialist, fitness trainer, coach, yoga instructor, wellness teacher and speaker, had already been exploring various back conditions since the beginning of her fitness and wellness career. 

Through Ian's journey we came to the realization that back pain and problems can be a "black hole". No one really knows where it starts, and how it ends. There really aren't clear guidelines from a health care perspective.

Ian's rehabilitation went well thanks to the help of amazing osteopaths, physiotherapists, physical therapists and chiropractors. His team of specialists allowed us to develop a set of best practices and preventative strategies. Had they been practiced earlier in his life as an athlete, he may have avoided surgery. No one should have to go through the puzzling journey of not knowing where to turn to get help.  We decided to fill the gap that exists in our current healthcare system. We designed a protocol and progressive programs for those people suffering from back problems and for those who have the wisdom and know-how to work at preventing back pain before it starts. Follow a soothing step by step process to get you back on track.

Numbers tell part of the story

People living with back pain

Have you ever experienced discomfort in your back or periods of chronic back pain or strain, or bad posture?
If so, maybe you're experiencing:

  • frustration for the things you can no longer do
  • uncertainty about what you think your back can and cannot sustain
  • fatigue and missing out on life, unable to do the things you love

If this is you, then Mend My Back can help.

Why Choose Mend my Back

Honest, straight forward back care suggestions to reduce pain

No gadgets, "secret" exercises or acrobatic movements. Just well-tested and researched knowledge. Even "posture correctors" may help with postural awareness, but they're not a permanent solution.

A progressive and tested approach to proper movement

It's hard enough dealing with pain, you're not expected to change everything about yourself over night.

Safe and effective solutions to live well again

We start with basic yet powerful ideas you can put into practice immediately and daily. Progressive overload is one key to sustainable results. If you cut corners, it will catch up with you down the road. That's for sure! Take your time. Start with the foundation of learning how to breathe effectively to unlock your body from the inside out.  Slow and steady wins the back care race.



What they say

Woman Mend my Back Program testimonial


Certified Osteopath

This back program gave me the tools I needed to guide my patients who are living with back pain and for my own benefit as a preventative maintenance program that I practice at home.

Woman Mend my Back Program testimonial



Laura is very competent and charming. She is indispensable for providing holistic health solutions.
The Mend my Back program is a complete package and allows for autonomy to work at your own pace. The entire program allows you to gradually integrate exercises week to week that directly impact mobility and pain reduction.
A nice balance between educational theory and physical practice. Both my body and my mind remain satisfied as I continue following this program at home.

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