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Imagine a life without back pain…

we've imagined it for you!

​North Americans live with back pain

Have you ever experienced discomfort in your back or periods of ​chronic back pain such as Lower back pain, upper back pain, sciatica, back spasms, or other back problems?

If so, ​maybe you've felt:

  • ​Frustrated for the things you ​can no longer do
  • ​Afraid and insecure about what you ​think your back can and cannot sustain
  • Tired and missing out ​on life, unable to do the things you love

If this is you, then Mend My Back can help.

​T​hree ​Programs to Get Started...

​Lifestyle ​Foundations

Mend My Back Essentials

​Mend My Back ​Conditioning

​Discover and Learn...

  • ​9 ​lifestyle lessons for a better back
  • ​The “power posture”
  • ​Optimal ways to sit, stand and move better
  • ​How to sleep more soundly
  • ​Stress less strategies
  • ​Common causes of back pain
  • ​The “power posture”
  • ​Back anatomy basics
  • ​Tips to manage pain
  • ​Key movements and exercises
  • ​Stress less strategies
  • ​​4 progressive modules
  • ​Move more freely
  • ​Feel stronger and in control
  • ​Walk with confidence and a spring in your step
  • ​Progress at your own pace
  • ​Unlimited ​access ​​24/7 at your convenience
  • ​Exercises with ​and without equipment
  • Mend My Back Program webinars
  • Free access to program updates
  • ​Progress at your own pace

​Not sure which program is best for you?

It do have a package rate for full access to the three programs

Or, try our free wizard to help you determine which option is best for you at this time.

Mend My Back ​Conditioning Program​

​An in depth journey ​as you explore ​4 progressive modules of the Mend My Back ​Conditioning Program.

​Over ​5 hours of easy to follow videos toward a better back!

​​Back in Recovery

​Accessible ​to anyone who wants a gentle way to improve their mobility and unleash tensions in the body, even those without a specific back issue. These exercises and movements do not require any equipment.

​Back o​​​​​n Track

​Offers progressions and slightly higher levels of intensity of the exercises and movements outlined in module 1. The focus is on stability to support the back. We offer exercises using a Pilates ball and a yoga strap; we love the Bender ball!

​Bac​k in Motion

​Adds stability and flexibility exercises that are appropriate when you become more autonomous and can move more freely without pain and you are ready to add more movement to your program and your life.

​Back in Action

​A more fitness-based program to keep you strong and supple. We use a stability ball for those who are pain free and ​confident enough to move ​more intensely.  ​​Explore greater range of motion and challenge your body to live vibrantly.

Mend My Back Lifestyle ​Foundations

​Our well-being is a result of our daily habits. If you experience back discomfort in your day to day activities, then this Lifestyle program is for you.

Discover daily lifestyle tips to help cultivate a healthier back at home or at work from getting in and out of the car the right way to finding a comfortable position in bed. Learn valuable tricks to sit, stand and bend over more safely. Explore healthy ways to decrease back pain and inflammation, get a better night’s sleep along with other techniques to assist in back recovery.

  • ​Explore nine short lifestyle lessons
  • ​Practice “power posture”
  • ​Learn the optimal way to sit, stand and move better
  • ​Try our tension reducing techniques
  • ​Discover tips to get a better night’s sleep
  • ​Insert our healthy back tips into your own lifestyle
  • Follow along at your own pace
Lifestyle Foundations - Mend My Back Official

Mend My Back ​Essentials

​Our Essentials program is an overview and abbreviated version of our full conditioning program. You will find information on basic spinal anatomy, a summary of why we have back pain, along with a balance of our top 10 exercises targeting a more supple, stronger back. We will reveal three soothing foundational postures to practice when dealing with intense discomfort. Learn how to move, stand and breathe better leading to a healthier, happier back.

Targeted to anyone who has experienced back discomfort or pain and those who wish to prevent back pain.

  • ​Learn the common causes of back pain​
  • Practice “power posture"
  • Experience a breathing technique to restore balance
  • Review basic spinal anatomy
  • Practice mobility (suppleness) exercises targeting the joints that support the back
  • Practice stability (strengthening) exercises targeting the joints that support the back
  • Discover easy stretches you can do at home
Mend My Back Essentials Program - Mend My Back Official

​Benefits for You

  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • ​Decrease stress that causes tension
  • ​Gain confidence with ​better core strength
  • Up your game - walk, run, skate, ski, swing, sit, play
  • Let go of the fear - engage with life
  • Stand tall and walk proud


Mend My Back
​Lifestyle ​​Foundations

​​​Become the best version of yourself with daily lifestyle foundational habits ​​for a healthy back​


very soon!

  • 9 easy to follow lifestyle​ lessons to reduce tension
  • ​Posture improvement, ​our crisis pose​ and sleep tips
  • ​​Unlimited Lifetime Access 24/7
  • ​Follow at your own pace
  • ​Mend My Back Nutrition Recipe Book with anti-inflammatory nutrition tips
​Mend My Back

​Master ​back health essentials ​from the basics ​of back anatomy, ​key exercises to ​unlock tension and pain and ​easy self-care ​tips for better back health.


very soon!

  • Lifetime access to ​20 ​educational videos
  • ​Essential movement patterns and exercises
  • ​Step-by-step approach
  • ​​Unlimited Lifetime Access 24/7
  • ​Follow at your own pace

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. ​Give the program ​some honest ​dedication and see for yourself. A period of ​30 days ​is ​sufficient to acknowledge and sense the power of movement. Of course, we hope you make a commitment to prioritize yourself and to make our back-care tips part of your weekly routine from now on. 


​Laura is very competent as well as charming. ​She is indispensable for providing holistic health solutions.
The Mend my Back program is a complete package and allows for autonomy to work at your own pace. The entire program allows you to gradually integrate exercises week to week that directly impact mobility and pain reduction.
A nice balance between educational theory and physical practice. Both my body and my mind remain satisfied as I continue following this program at home..



​​​This back program gave me the tools I needed to guide my patients who are living with back pain and for my own benefit as a preventative maintenance program that I practice at home.



​I like that we can pick and choose our top favourites and do them anytime and anywhere. Some of the exercises are easy to integrate into my work day when I am starting to feel stiff or achy. I work most of my day sitting so I like to do the “arm circles” and “hand at the wall” exercise to relieve my neck and shoulders.

                                             Josée, office assistant

Laura is very pleasant, listens well to our needs and demonstrates mastery in her teaching skills.
Thank you.


Retired engineer

Most of my day is spent getting in and out of the car as a rep on the road. Laura offered helpful tips on how to sit and stand correctly and even how to get in and out of the car with greater ease! Her advice improved my postural awareness along with some great hip and leg stretches that have helped increase my flexibility and decrease my chronic discomfort.


Sales rep

​Warm welcome, enthusiastic and highly competent.



Welcoming, we feel at home

Respectful and an active listener

Helpful and a wonderful guide

Pleasant and always has a smile to share

​Thank you!


Business consultant

​Note: Some of the testimonials were translated from their original language.


What is the difference between the Mend my Back Conditioning Program and the Mend my Back Lifestyle Program?

They both provide resources on back health. The Mend my Back Conditioning Program provides a wide variety of exercises and mini-routines you will want to integrate into your day to reduce tension, increase your flexibility and stability to keep your body mobile and strong.

The Mend my Back Lifestyle Program focuses primarily on daily habits and movement patterns like sitting and standing well, lifting objects off the floor more safely, proper sleep positions, getting in and out of the car along with other healthy lifestyle tips ​to improve and care for your back health.

The two programs work well on their own, but ​ideally complement one another.

​How do I start?

Refer to the How to use MMB chart ​here below. As you work your way through the program, you will discover exercises that feel good and make a difference in your well-being. You may want to go back and forth between one or all the modules once you have ​worked through them ​over a period of several months. We recommend taking at least a month to practice each one. Choose exercises to do daily, or at minimum 3 times per week to feel the benefits. Don't rush! ​Proper progression is the key to allowing your body to adapt and improve safely and effectively.

​Pain Level

Scale 1-10

Pain Description

​What ​MMB Module/Tool

​to Use

​​Suggested Repetitions

​Time Frame

​8, 9, 10

​High ​level of pain regardless of position or movement

​Crisis pose, rest, calming breathing exercise, meditation for your back, ice, anti-inflammatories (as per Dr. recommendation), warm bath with epsom salts and 10 drops of lavender essential oils

​4-10 reps for suggested exercises, 3-6 breaths for stretches

​Daily until pain levels drop 

​5, 6, 7

​​Pain when doing certain movements

​BR module 1, green and yellow light exercises (start with less repetitions (4-6) and gradually add 1-2 reps weekly), crisis pose, calming breathing exercise, meditation for your back, gentle walking 5-10 minutes 2x per day, review Lifestyle Foundations tips

​4-10 reps for suggested exercises, 3-6 breaths for stretches

​3-7 days per week for 4 weeks until exercises get easy to do and can be done without pain

​3, 4

​​Moderate discomfort in certain positions or movements

​BT module 2, green and yellow light exercises (start with less repetitions (4-6) and gradually add 1-2 reps weekly), crisis pose, calming breathing exercise, walking 10-20 minutes 1-2x per day, integrate Lifestyle Foundations tips

​4-10 reps for suggested exercises, 3-6 breaths for stretches

​3-7 days per week for 8 weeks until exercises get easy to do and can be done without pain


​Slight discomfort sometimes

​​BM module 3, (Module 2 is a prerequisite), green and yellow light exercises, go easy on the myofascial massage moves, start with less repetitions (4-6) and gradually add 1-2 reps weekly, walking 20-40 minutes 1x per day, calming breathing exercise

​4-10 reps for suggested exercises, 3-6 breaths for stretches

​Suggestion: alternate module exercises one day with option of walking/breathing/meditation the following day


​No pain or discomfort

​BA module 4, (Module 2 & 3 are prerequisites), green and yellow light exercises (start with less repetitions (4-6) and gradually add 1-2 reps weekly), walking 20-30 minutes 1-2x per day, calming breathing exercise

​4-10 reps for suggested exercises, 3-6 breaths for stretches

​Suggestion: alternate module exercises one day with option of walking/breathing/meditation the following day

Is the program safe?

Each module offers a progression in intensity and complexity of movement patterns to improve the mobility and stability around the main joints, tissues and muscles that affect the spine which include the shoulders and hips.
Not all movements or exercises are appropriate for every body type or current condition. When done properly all exercises are safe and effective. However, depending on the severity of your back condition, general health and conditioning level certain exercises will be more appropriate than others at times.

We always recommend assessing your situation with your physician before engaging in any new form of physical activity.

Is there a way for me to assess, measure and track what works for me and what doesn't?

Since everyone has different abilities and thresholds, we rely on a measuring method using green, yellow, and red colors ​as outlined below.

​Light color


​Action to take

  • ​provokes no pain
  • feels good
  • offers a sensation of stretching
  • engages your muscles
  • ​your breathing remains smooth and deep

​GO! Keep going.

After some time you might consider moving forward to another exercise or to the following module if the exercise mix ​is performed comfortably and with control.

  • ​movements do not provoke pain
  • movements do not disrupt a smooth breathing pattern
  • it ​may feel a bit intense and shaky
  • ​you may feel ​slight discomfort in the joints or tissues

Go slowly and keep breathing!

​Proceed mindfully and

with caution

  • ​painful movements, stabbing or ​sharp sensation, uncomfortable nerve radiation to other areas in the body
  • unable to breathe smoothly

​STOP! Avoid the exercise or seek a smoother progression.

Green light movements: Means “GO”, the movements do not provoke pain, they feel good and offer a sensation of stretching and engagement of your muscles. Your breathing remains smooth and deep.

Yellow light movements: Means proceed with caution, movements do not provoke pain or disrupt a smooth breathing pattern, they may feel a bit intense, shaky or provide slight discomfort in the joints or tissues. Go slowly and keep breathing.

Red light movements: Means “STOP”, these movements provoke pain, a burning sensation, a jabbing or sharp feeling in your back or nerve radiation, makes you hold your breath. Your body may not be ready for this movement yet, stick with the green and yellow light movements for now.

How will I know what works for me?
We encourage you to try the movements and exercises and initially choose the ones that we describe as Green light exercises for the first 2 weeks then progress to others that offer a bit more intensity for the next 2 weeks. Avoid exercises that wake up your pain. It is better to go slowly and gradually; back conditioning is not a race or a competitive sport.

How long will it take me to flow through all the program modules?

We recommend practicing each module 3-7 days per week for at least one full month before progressing to the next module. You will likely find your favourites in each program and create your own plan of the ones that make you feel great.

Am I tied by a contract when I sign up to the Mend my Back Program?

No. The time and financial commitment depend on the formula you choose. The prices are a one-time fee.

Our Story​

Laura Warf - Mend My Back Program

I remember the first time I felt back pain. I was finishing up my undergraduate degree at McGill University and was working part-time as a fitness trainer for a club in the West Island of Montreal. I consulted one of the osteopaths at our center and he suspected that my tight hip flexors were part of the problem. I worked out often and taught numerous spinning classes per week which although beneficial for my performance and managing my stress, the repetitive actions of daily sitting and too much cycling without enough stretching and relaxation created muscular imbalances within my body that needed to be addressed. As a student and early on in my fitness management career I was often nervous and living with low levels of anxiety. The constant febrility I felt within was due to the self-imposed pressure to make end meet while working part time and studying at school.

Today, research has confirmed the direct link between our thoughts and how we feel. Being too busy in our heads and living with regular symptoms of stress gradually breaks down the body leading to fatigue, inability to concentrate and various forms of body pain. I didn’t have all the coping tools back then as I do now, and I sought out guidance from numerous specialists and experts in the field of fitness, wellness and back care to gain the tools I needed to help myself and others be fit and healthy.

Unknowingly, the Mend my Back program has been an active work in progress for the past 25 years! If we are to be well, we need to look at the whole person mind-body & spirit. I have learned over the years as a fitness and wellness professional how to care for my body; physically through proper movement and nutrition, mentally through yoga, breathing, meditation and learning a variety of healing methods and spiritually through the quest of exploring mindfulness meditation, self-awareness, self-realization, and tapping into who I am at a soul level to liberate myself from struggle, anguish and pain.

I love to move, especially in nature, skiing and snow shoeing in the winter and hiking trails or swimming in the lake in the summer with my family and energetic Golden Retriever. I want to have the freedom to do the activities I love without feeling limited by back pain. I still at times live with low grade tension or discomfort if I have over done it physically or if I am worried about something, my back reminds me to slow down and breathe! I rely on my body to work as a fitness and yoga instructor and conference presenter. The exercises included in this program have all been my favourites over the years and most efficient movements to keep me at my best. Now I want to share them with you.


In 2014 on a Monday morning Ian got out of bed and fell to the floor. This was more then not wanting to go to the office that day! It had been a full weekend prior to that Monday; vigorous digging around the house to prepare for the installation of a new drain, an intense hilly 75 km bike ride with a friend and some mental preoccupations about work. At 6 foot 3, the constant bending over of yard work and cycling combined with an office job sitting all day wreaked havoc on his back over the years. Ian consulted with his medical doctor, osteopath and physiatrist to try to find a solution for the excruciating pain he was living with. The radiating pain he was experiencing kept him up at night and didn’t allow for any comfortable position sitting or standing. He walked hunched over and had to swing his left leg out to the side every slow step he took.

This way of living endured for six long months until my father intervened and referred him to his friend and emergency doctor who was associated with neuro surgeons at McGill University. Within a week Ian had an appointment with one of the top sports neurosurgeons in Montreal. He brought his paperwork of prior medication prescriptions, along with x-ray and MRI results he had gathered. He was diagnosed with having 5 herniated lumbar disks. The herniation between L4 and L5 was so severe it was pressing upon the nerves that informed his legs how to move which is why he was having difficulty walking. The doctor informed him that some herniations can be reabsorbed by the body with proper intervention of movement and rest. However, this one was so severe there was no guarantee, on top of it due to the nerve irritation this herniation was causing could affect urinary and sexual functioning. Decision made. He was booked the following week for discectomy surgery to remove the herniation.

Six months of physical rehabilitation followed by physiotherapy and home exercises. The first weeks, he was unable to move very much and was prohibited from lifting anything that forced his spine, including a pot of water. He was on heavy pain medication and rested most of the time. The daily activity was walking around in the house, any more than that was exhausting. Over the weeks that followed, he began to regain his endurance and energy and began doing light exercises and more movement. He remembers what a challenge it was after the first month to walk to the end of our driveway towards the neighbour’s house, 60 feet of shuffling was as much as he could handle, and he admits having felt a bit discouraged. Perseverance paid off and 2 years later he was back on the ski hill! Now Ian is gliding on his roller blades and mountain biking the trails to his heart’s content. Many of the exercises you will find in this program are ones Ian practiced getting him back on his feet. The experience was a life changer, he now works from a home office using a standing desk, stretches his legs and hips daily, works on his posture and gratefully walks our dog twice per day. He hopes his story will help others benefit from understanding his process and choosing healthy living habits.

Mend My Back Program

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