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Imagine a life without back pain…

we've imagined it for you!

​North Americans live with back pain

Have you ever experienced discomfort in your back or periods of ​chronic back pain such as Lower back pain, upper back pain, sciatica, back spasms, or other back problems?

If so, ​maybe you've felt:

  • ​Frustrated for the things you ​can no longer do
  • ​Afraid and insecure about what you ​think your back can and cannot sustain
  • Tired and missing out ​on life, unable to do the things you love

If this is you, then Mend My Back can help.

Why Choose Mend my Back?

  • ​Honest, straight forward back care suggestions
  • ​A progressive and tested approach to proper movement
  • ​Safe and effective solutions to live well again

​T​hree ​Programs to Get Started...

​Lifestyle ​Foundations

  • ​​​Receive 9 lessons of back care secrets
  • ​​Sleep more soundly
  • ​​Optimize how you move, s​it and stand​.
  • ​​Smart lifting and carrying techniques
  • ​Stress less tools

Mend My Back Essentials

  • ​Discover 7 common causes of back pain
  • ​​Build better posture for back care
  • ​​Top 10 safe and effective exercises for a ​fit back
  • ​​Techniques to release tension
  • ​​Back tips for better days
  • ​Stress less tools

​Mend My Back ​Conditioning

  • ​​​45+ safe and effective exercises designed for your body
  • ​Four progressive modules to keep your back in shape
  • ​Self-evaluation and progression chart references
  • ​“How-to” coaching tips every step of the way
  • ​Bonus:  mini time-efficient routine suggestions​

Mend My Back Blog

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