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Welcome to the
Mend My Back

Imagine a life without back pain…

we've imagined it for you!

Welcome to the
Mend My Back

Imagine a life without back pain…

we've imagined it for you!

​North Americans live with back pain

Have you ever experienced discomfort in your back or periods of ​chronic back pain?

If so, ​maybe you'​re experiencing:

  • ​Frustration for the things you ​can no longer do
  • ​​Uncertainty about what you ​think your back can and cannot sustain
  • ​Fatigue and missing out ​on life, unable to do the things you love

If this is you, then Mend My Back can help.

Why Choose Mend my Back?

  • ​Honest, straight forward back care suggestions to reduce pain
  • ​A progressive and tested approach to proper movement
  • ​Safe and effective solutions to live well again

The Mend My Back Programs offer online back pain recovery exercise​s and lifestyle resources. ​We help people who suffer from chronic back pain alleviate discomfort, improve posture and develop greater back resilience.

Mend My Back Blog

​This was a night I will never forget. And not in a good way...  An evening several years ago when my back was not in great

​​Holistic pain management​Let’s begin by saying there is no “one size fits all” approach to pain management. Pain is a symptom and often not the cause.

​If you have ever experienced any form of back pain, you are not alone. The statistics have not changed much over the past twenty years.  It

​​Coach's Eye is a convenient tool to analyze and diagnose problematic movement patterns or opportunities for improvement in body mechanics or movement.Far from being a necessity,

Introducing the Bender BallWe have integrated the Bender Ball ​into the Mend My Back Lifestyle Foundations and the Mend My Back Conditioning Program because it is

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Mend My Back Program

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